Mr. Marzán joined PMA in 2015 as a Member of the firm’s Tax Practice Group. Prior to joining PMA, Mr. Marzán served from 2013 until 2015 as the Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy and Assistant Secretary for Internal Revenue. In such positions, Mr. Marzán assisted the Secretary of the Treasury and played a fundamental role in developing and implementing policies, legislation, regulations, and other published guidance regarding all aspects of Puerto Rico income and consumption tax laws. In addition, Mr. Marzán was responsible for negotiating and executing closing agreements and reviewing and issuing private letter rulings. He also served as Puerto Rico Competent Authority dealing with double taxation cases of U.S. taxpayers.

Mr. Marzán’s practice in PMA focuses on tax strategies for a broad range of complex business transactions, including inbound and outbound transfers, acquisitions, and the formation and operation of partnerships and LLCs from both U.S. and Puerto Rico tax perspectives. He also advises clients on U.S. tax compliance obligations in connection with their foreign investments, including foreign bank accounts reporting. He further represents individuals on voluntary offshore filing procedures for disclosing unreported foreign assets and income. He also advises clients on Puerto Rico economic incentives laws, such as Acts 20, 22, and 73.

Prior to joining the Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury, Mr. Marzán had been in private practice for many years, representing clients in planning and controversies on international, U.S. federal, and Puerto Rico income tax matters.

He is a Certified Public Accountant and a frequent speaker for business and professional associations.