Herman Colberg joined PMA in 1999 and has been a member since 2003. Mr. Colberg represents a diverse group of clients on a wide array of civil and commercial litigation matters. A majority of his cases involve commercial disputes in the areas of Health and Insurance law, Telecommunications, Property Law, Government Permitting, Antitrust, Government contracts, Bankruptcy and Distribution Law (Act. 75). In addition, Herman litigates and gives advice on U.S. criminal and civil forfeitures and most recently, to various clients on the Cuban legal system and federal requirements for entry in the Cuban market. Herman is a former President of the Puerto Rico Professional Boxing Commission, a certified boxing judge by the Association of Boxing Commissions (“ABC”) and former member of the Grievance and Appeals Committee of the World Boxing Council (“WBC”).


  • Ticket Center v. Banco Popular: Mr. Colberg is part of the defense team representing Banco Popular from an antitrust action filed by Ticket Center at the federal District Court for Puerto Rico. PMA has also successfully defended Banco Popular from attacks by Ticket Center to Banco Popular’s authority to process the sale of event tickets under the National Bank Act, Bank Holding Company Act and Puerto Rico’s banking statutes, and to Banco Popular’s exclusive agreement to process the sale of event tickets at Puerto Rico’s José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum.
  • Alberic Colón et al. v. General Motors: Mr. Colberg represents General Motors and various other car dealers in Puerto Rico in the appeal before the Puerto Rico Supreme Court of a multimillion dollar judgment against the car dealers.
  • Kell v. American Capital Strategies: Successfully represented American Capital Strategies with respect to alleged violations of the Sherman and RICO Acts. These actions were particularly dismissed in Kell v. American Capital Strategies, 278 F.Supp2d 156, 161 (D.P.R.2003).
  • ARJC Construction v. Mun. of Barceloneta and Desarrollos Membrillo: Successfully represented client in a challenge to a municipal bid award. The Supreme Court concluded that the Municipality had acted correctly in awarding the sale to PMA’s client.
  • Mega Cellulars v. Cingular Wireless: Obtained summary judgment in favor of Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) in a collection of money and damages action filed by Mega Cellulars in connection with the sale of telecommunication equipment.