The Firm counsels its clients on compliance and regulatory matters under Puerto Rico and federal laws protecting the privacy of its customers, such as the regulations promulgated by the Puerto Rico Department of Consumer Affairs, Puerto Rico Act No. 207 of September 27, 2006, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other laws, regulations and case law that protect the privacy of employees in the workplace. In particular, our attorneys have considerable experience providing advice to financial institutions, technology companies and retailers in connection with matters related to consumer privacy protection, which include revision and drafting disclaimers, purchase receipts, privacy policies and terms of use for internet and other services provided by our clients. PMA has also advised clients in connection with the development and implementation of data retention and protection policies. In addition, the Firm represents clients in all phases of administrative and civil litigation pertaining to Puerto Rico and federal privacy laws and in matters related to privacy legislative and rule-making affairs.

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