The handling of electronically stored information (“ESI”) plays a key role in regulatory and governmental investigations as well as in commercial litigation and arbitration. As technology continues to advance, eDiscovery is currently one the most important components of the discovery process in litigation and investigations. Specific rules governing the preservation and production of ESI have been enacted and are being enforced in virtually all forums (state and federal courts, arbitration and administrative proceedings, among others). Our Firm has been a pioneer in Puerto Rico in tapping the eDiscovery arena using complex and sophisticated processing and review platforms. PMA offers innovative and effective legal solutions for a wide variety of eDiscovery issues through a highly effective multi-functional team of professionals composed of attorneys as well as legal and technology support staff with ample knowledge and experience working with complex eDiscovery projects and a variety of data processing and review platforms. We have also worked jointly with stateside firms in complex and extensive eDiscovery projects.

Practice Area Attorneys

Sara L. Vélez-Santiago
Sara L. Vélez-SantiagoeDiscovery and Investigations Practice Director