Our clients range from start-up ventures to seasoned hedge, private equity or venture capital funds, including funds organized under the Puerto Rico Private Equity Funds Act (Act 185 of 2014, as amended). We represent all aspects of the industry, including fund sponsors, investment managers, and private investors. We have a broad exposure to the industry which helps us offer our clients a variety of services, including advising on the formation, offering and operation of a fund. We also assist on the preparation, negotiation and closing of material agreements, such as operating, advisory, partnership and subscription agreements, and on the structure, due diligence and execution of portfolio company acquisitions and other transactions. We further assist our clients on regulatory and compliance requirements under Puerto Rico and U.S. federal securities laws, including filing requirements for the private placement of securities, private fund advisers, exempt reporting advisers and registered investment advisers.

Our clients also benefit from access to a wide range of attorneys who are well-versed in areas such as tax, labor and corporate laws that may affect private equity firms. Likewise, since the enactment of the Act to Promote the Exportation of Services (Act 20 of 2012, as amended) and the Act to Promote the Relocation of Individual Investors to Puerto Rico (Act 22 of 2012, as amended), we have experienced an influx of fund managers wanting to relocate their businesses to Puerto Rico and seeking fund management structures specifically tailored to maximize their returns on investment, including eligible tax benefits.

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