The Firm’s tax practice group provides advice to its clients in all areas of taxation, including Puerto Rico and U.S. Federal income taxation, sales, property and municipal taxation, tax exemption and tax credits. PMA’s tax attorneys represent local and stateside entities, corporations, financial institutions, government entities, and individuals in creative tax planning for numerous forms of business organizations, transactions, acquisitions, combinations, reorganizations, and financings; public and private offerings of various types of debt and equity instruments, including securities issued by registered investment companies and trust preferred securities issued by financial institutions, and asset-based debt or pass-through offerings, such as mortgage backed securities and auto loans; procuring tax exemptions for eligible businesses under the Puerto Rico tax incentives laws applicable to specific industries and tourism; the sale of tax credits granted under local laws, and structuring business transactions and reorganizations. PMA’s tax practice group also assists clients in obtaining rulings and negotiating closing agreements with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department in connection with complex business transactions. The Firm’s tax attorneys also represent clients before the Puerto Rico Treasury Department, the Puerto Rico Municipal Governments and the Internal Revenue Service and in tax-related litigation before the Commonwealth and Federal Courts.

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